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There are very few things that TechBoot would not be prepared to handle. We are not staffed to provide instant (onsite or remote) support for common desktop issues. Ie: printing problems, random software errors, etc. However, we provide a 24-hour service level agreement for non-critical issues. 
TechBoot works with vendors that can be contacted directly (ie: Comcast) and we can recommend a Managed Service Provider “MSP” who will be able to handle all your real-time technical support issues.
Our small team is built of professionals who are work on concurrent projects. Support for TechBoot solutions is via email or phone, with a maximum 1-day response time for non-emergencies.
TechBoot will assist you through every step, clearly identifying the items that are your responsibility and what you need to do to get ready for this process. This includes selecting and ordering Internet, planning access to a new office, and developing a "go-live" plan.
We are not a licensed electrical contractor, but, use all legal and code mandated products. As needed, we can work directly with a licensed & insured wiring contractor.
TechBoot provides training on best practices for everything we install; such as software updates, malware detection, and security. Monthly support packages are available, as needed, to perform ongoing maintenance.
No, but we will assist in setting up and recommending all new licensed software under your business profile. All monthly subscriptions are paid directly.
TechBoot will be your communications provider and can access all U.S. local markets with Voice Calling & SMS/Text support. All monthly services will be invoiced by TechBoot directly, following installation.
We aim to make the day of transition as seamless as possible. TechBoot will work locally in your office to access your computer and cloud services. Once complete we will configure your computers, phones, and emails to be sure you have the access you need.
TechBoot will always be available for follow-up questions, concerns, and support. The equipment will be transferred into your business name and a new customer account will be created by TechBoot at that time for direct ongoing engagements as needed. Additional on-site coverage can be provided upon request.
TechBoot is located in the NY/NJ metro area, with easy access to sites within a 3-hour drive from NYC. Exceptions can be made provided there is enough time, and is subject to staff availability. Locations outside of this range will be expected to cover all travel related expenses.
Traditionally, our installations are done through a weekend, prior to transition. This is to minimize any business impact to the customer as well as provide TechBoot the ability to dedicate resources exclusively to your project. Weekday installations are possible upon request.

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